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Hawaii Wedding

Hawaii Wedding: Paradise in Your Backyard

Hawaii is one of the most romantic places on earth to get married, and with good reason! Here you’ll find beaches that are green, red, black and white; get married in one of the most unique places in a romantic atmosphere with so much to do you’ll have to come back for your anniversary to explore it all! Explore the ancient craters of volcanoes, and view the fury of the most active ones up and down the Hawaiian coast. Go take in a nature hike along ancient trails, mountain biking and running paths are here too! Go on luaus where you can enjoy live music and great food, as well as entertainment like hula dancers.

If you’re looking for world class cuisine to cater your destination wedding, look no further! You’ll find everything from haute cuisine (French) to Japanese sushi and traditional Hawaiian foods; if you’re a carnivore you’ll love all the restaurants by the sea that serve up a wicked surf and turf and if you’re a vegetarian you won’t be hard pressed to find a great meal! Nightlife here is great, where you can go out and enjoy yourself in some of the finest clubs along the sea as well as just sitting out under the stars drinking on the beach.

Have it All With a Hawaii Wedding! Destination weddings in Hawaii can give you everything you’ve ever wanted in a wedding, at a great price that you can afford as well as all the amenities and luxury that you would expect from staying in an all inclusive resort. Why spend all your money on a middling wedding back home when you can get a wedding in paradise and a weeklong honeymoon packed with relaxation and excitement? The best thing about a destination wedding is the fact that they’re really affordable! For half the price you would spend on a wedding back home, you can get your own free beach wedding just for staying with a resort on your honeymoon. Throw a wedding that you and your family will remember for a lifetime, and no one has to know how much you saved and how you swung that awesome helicopter ride over the volcano! If you want little touches like live music at your wedding and reception, fresh floral arrangements, and catering that will satisfy any picky eater, a Hawaiian destination wedding is the right choice for you!

We Can Help You Plan Your Dream Wedding When you’re planning your wedding, you know how much stress there can be just trying to find the right bouquet! Let us help you have a stress free wedding, and all you’ll have to worry about is if you should wear those awesome shoes you found in that Hawaiian boutique store on sale or if you’re going to go barefoot while walking down the aisle! We have business relationships that will get you all the best deals on you and your wedding party’s airfare and hotel accommodations, so you can have the wedding of your dreams on any budget! If you’d like to learn more, click here for our No Hassle No Obligation Planner or give us a call at (800) 510-5642. One of our friendly helpful travel experts will help you find the right Hawaiian destination wedding options for you today!
Activities in Hawaii

When you’re in the Polynesian paradise of Hawaii, you’ll always have something to do. From rest and relaxation to adventure and exploration, you’ll have your pick of all the fun island activities that people dream of doing! Hiking and eco-tours are a big draw for nature lovers, and the views from the volcanoes are astounding. Go high in a helicopter on the big island for a great view of the active volcano during the day or night. In Maui you can see dolphins and whales frolicking freely in the sea, and in you can go snorkeling along the great coral reefs that buffer the rough seas. Go sea kayaking out in the bays, parasailing high above the water and jet skiing along the secret areas that are hard to find. At night, you can watch the lava fall into ocean, and take dinner cruises with gorgeous views.

Take a Tour

There are many tours you can take in Hawaii; in Oahu you can tour around the area where the first battle of WW2 and Pearl Harbor happened. You can go shark cage diving too, getting close to the danger in a safe environment so you can admire these interesting predators and learn interesting facts about them too (their teeth aren’t teeth, but scales!) In Maui you can take Whale watching tours (between early January and late April) and see humpback whales up close and personal when they come to Hawaii to give birth. In the Volcanic National Park, you be able to walk the Martian landscape here and even climb the side of the volcano itself and get a great view too!

Dinner and live music cruises will take you around the islands in style! You can leave at 5:30 at night and be out on the water when the sun kisses the sea goodnight for the day; many people watch for the green flash over the water and if you’re lucky enough to have a clear view you might see it too (it’s considered good luck).

Get in the Water

Surfing is everywhere you look, and you can get lessons on body board, kite boarding, and good old surfing. There’s many places that are great for beginners, and then you can get out in the open water of the big island and catch some great waves. If you’ve ever wanted to go snorkeling along a coral reef, you’ll have opportunities here! Swim with dolphins and tropical fish that have no fear of humans, and it’s one of the most natural things in the world. If you want to go diving, you can explore the ship and plane wrecks from WW2 and really see the history up close and personal.

Activities in Hawaii’s beautiful island paradise will range from relaxing on red, green and black sandy beaches to getting out and exploring nature and history. When you choose Hawaii for your beach wedding and destination honeymoon, you’ll get a tropical paradise in your backyard that’s just a flgith away!
Dining in Hawaii

Dining in Hawaii is a fantastic blend of contemporary American food and Polynesian culture. The thing to try when you’re in Hawaii for your destination wedding is of course seafood! Here you’ll find it in great abundance, to delicious Mahi Mahi to fresh clams, oysters and lobster and of course Wahi tuna. When this seafood cornucopia is paired with the fresh vegetables and fruits that blanket the island (pineapples in particular!) you get a crisp acidity and sweetness blended together with your fish that gives you that signature Hawaiian taste. Eat fresh mangos and papaya that will be a great treat on a hot day, and of course sugar cane that you can buy by the stick all over the island.

When you go to a local restaurant, always make sure you try the plate lunch; these are the specials and they’re unique to each establishment. Without a doubt no Hawaiian destination wedding trip is complete without an authentic Hawaiian luau of roast pig with a bonfire and great live entertainment like Polynesian singing and hula dancers too! Aside from local favorites, you’ll find many gourmet dining restaurants, romantic candlelit dinners, and authentic Japanese sushi houses where you can enjoy an Asian experience.

Go Local

When you’re in Hawaii, you might be tempted to try out the expensive resort restaurants first, but you’ll want to try out the local restaurants too! Hawaii is an island famous for its fish, with Ahi tuna that you can eat sushi style to Ono and Mahi Mahi that go great as a steak or in different delectable dishes. Saimin, or Hawaiian ramen, is great with local ingredients that’ll keep you from looking at ramen the same way again. If you like Filipino food, you’ll find a wide range of adobo, tilapia and tapas that are a real treat! Loco Moco is a hamburger with an egg on top, and is a great way to start the day. Try the Hawaiian twist on pulled pork, Kalua Pig where you get delicious pork steamed in banana leaves until it’s moist and just falls apart in your mouth! If you’re looking for a taste of Hawaii, you’ll never have to go far to find it!

Go Fancy

There are many different restaurants around the island, and you’ll find high end sushi that even serves fugu (the deadly puffer fish is considered a delicacy among the Japanese) to full course French and Italian dinners with decadent desserts that will tempt any sweet tooth. If you’re craving American food, you’ll find upscale steak houses with Grade A American beef or fantastic Argentinian steaks that can be combined for an inventive surf and turn with local, Maine or Caribbean lobster tails prepared any way you like it.

When you’re planning your destination wedding, you’ll find that Hawaii gives you the best variety in real Japanese and Asian food this side of the pacific, as well as wonderful Hawaiian twists on contemporary dishes you’re used to! Enjoy gourmet meals with full views of the ocean, or relax with your toes in the sand along with an outdoor grill.
Nightlife in Hawaii

Nightlife in Hawaii is as vibrant as the people who inhabit it! With a great blend of Portuguese, Asian, Polynesian and of course American influences, you’ll find so much to do here you will want to come back for your anniversary to do it all again (and maybe a few things that you missed!) Since these are volcanic islands, you’ll have a chance to watch nature’s fury in action with the many different night tours; go high above the volcano at night in a helicopter for a view like no other, or take a hike and see it from a safe distance.

If you’re looking for night clubs, bars and lounges, you’ll find them all over Hawaii hugging the shores with great views and colorful drinks; dance salsa until dawn to live music outside with your toes in the sand, or in beautiful wooden paneled bars with huge dance floors and all the best DJs. If you’re looking for live entertainment, enjoy a luau with hula dancers and Polynesian singers; watch live music acts who do cover songs or great creations all their own, and of course enjoy some of the finest concert music in North America, all just a few minutes away from your suite!

Party Time!

Once the sun goes down, the party in Hawaii is in full swing. Here you’ll find everything from tiny beach bar and grills that serve up good eats and great drinks to swank high end bars with champagne buckets and live music. The big name clubs of Honolulu and Waikiki will remind you of home, and the bouncing all inclusive resort hotels are the big hotspots on many of the other islands. If you’re looking for a more low key party, check out the seaside bars and clubs that dot the coast for a better take on Hawaiian nightlife.

Get Outside

Ecotourism here runs even in the evenings, so you’ll want to get out and enjoy the fire islands. You can go over a volcano in a helicopter from a safe distance, or take a hike up to see the lava flow. If you want you can also go on a night cruise and watch the lava spill out into the ocean and form new rock as part of the island. The fiery origins of this island are a force to be reckoned with, and it’s an amazing sight to behold! Go Luau

Luaus go on here every night, and usually begin at the end of the torch lighting ceremonies that kick off the night. There are two kinds of luaus to enjoy; the traditional roast pig over a fire or the more contemporary type with buffet style dining. Both will have live hula dancers and Polynesian singers, so enjoy yourself either way with delicious Hawaiian food and great live entertainment that will make the night memorable.

Nightlife in Hawaii is a great departure from the ordinary! Why celebrate your special day anywhere else when you can party in paradise?


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